Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fuck Me Runnin' redux

Sorry for the language Mom, but it's been that kinda night. You gotta give me props for the vocab though (see post Oct. 4, '06). Didn't even need the dictionary. HAH!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jamey Dollard Reunion Tour 2007

One of my best friends showed up last week from Canada, and it was quite the party. Jamey spent eight years here in Korea before he finally went home to pursue his dream of becoming a cop. His dream became a reality, and he is now with the RCMP and stationed in the frozen tundra of northern Alberta. Now there is one fact if you are one of those folks that has spent significant time in Korea: You can take the boy out of Korea, but you can't take the Korea out of the boy. Jamey is no exception to this rule.

Now good ole Jamey had been warning me for about three months before he came that the game would be on in earnest once he showed up. Jamey has always been true to his word, so I gathered what wits I had left and prepared myself for the coming debauchery. I met him at the airport Thursday, April 5 cold beers in hand (hey, I'm nothing if not accomodating), and the games began. Eight or nine beers later we landed in Daejeon and went straight to Santa's to meet some other folks for dinner.

Thus began a seven day bender filled with soju, beer, food, girl watching, and other frivolity. Now you have to understand that I'm not as young as I once was (fortunately neither is Jamey, lol). I also still had to work throughout this, dragging my sorry ass out of bed each morning at 5:00 am to go to class. By the time Friday the 13th arrived Jamey and I were pretty wrung out. We spent that night sitting around the house watching TV and basically being complete vegetables.

The following night, we had a poker game at my house. I cooked up a bunch of tacos and burritos, and Ian made some chilli. Good food, good friends and the fact that Jamey and I cleaned up, winning about $60 a piece, made for a pretty decent night. After the poker game, we all trundled off to Santa's to put the finishing touches on Jamey's stay with some more beer and a few shots.

Jamey left yesterday, and I miss him already (my liver on the other hand...). We had a great time. See you on the flipside bro!