Sunday, June 03, 2007

I've been here TOO damn long.

Since this blog is only two years old, some of you may not know that I've been in Korea now for seven years. For my first three years in Korea I worked for a place called Yang-G ELS. This is what is normally referred to as a hakwon, a privately owned English language institute. At yang-G I taught students ranging in age from kindergarten through middle school.

For the last two years at the hakwon, I taught what are known as "Returnee" classes. These are classes designed for students who spent significant time overseas (usually a minimum of 5-6 years). These kids all speak excellent English and often have a difficulot time re-adjusting to Korea.

Well tonight I'm sitting at the bar at Santa's when this Korean girl, speasking impeccable English, approaches me and asks if I worked at Yang-G. Turns out she's now a freshmen at the University Of British Columbia, but I taught her when she was just a middle school student. FIVE YEARS AGO!!!