Monday, October 16, 2006

ALL is woe! ALL is gloom!! Now we step towards our DOOM!!

Yes. I watched the Redskins game. I stayed up on a school night (granted I didn't have to work until 2 pm today, but that's beside the point) and watched the Redskins game. I was pretty excited about it too. They played the hapless, winless, no account Tennessee Titans. A team that is supposed to...well...suck. It would seem that someone forgot to tell Tennessee that because they, and their ROOKIE quarterback basically ran roughshod over a Redskin defense that was so porous that my dead grandmother could have had a hundred yard day against them. As it was, an 0-5, oh sorry, now 1-6, team put up 5,000 yards. ARRRRRRGGGHH!!!

The offense managed to keep the game tight, while at the same time looking less than the muti-million juggarnaut it's supposed to be. It was nice to see Brunell send a few balls up field (the 51 yard bomb to Brandon Lloyd was a thing of beauty) rather than the usual pass out in the flat. However, it would be nice if he didn't throw those beautiful arching spirals INTO TRIPLE FUCKING COVERAGE!!!! Mark, baby. I know Sanatana Moss is good. I know you two have a chemistry. BUT HE'S NOT THE ONLY RECEIVER ON THE GODDAMNED FIELD!!! Don't get me wrong. Santana's on my fantasy team, and I like it when you throw to him. But please, PLEASE, when he is the only Burgundy shirt in a crowd of six guys, throw the damn thing to somebody else, huh?

It's mid-term exam week here at CNU, which of course is the perfect time for the city and the local airforce base to stage air raid drills. Nothing more conducive to studying than blaring sirens and low flying fighter jets. Then again, the chief weeble, Kim Jong Il, is playing with his chemistry set again, and that seems to have made a few people a little nervous.

I remember the first time I heard the air raid sirens. I had been in Korea for about, oh, I don't know, a month and a half maybe. I was walking to the store to get some milk or something when the sirens started wailing and 4 or 5 F-16s came screaming over the neighborhood at about 1,000 feet. Having no idea at the time that this was a fairly regular thing here in Daejeon, I was a little disconcerted. In fact, I walked straight into a parked car. This before noticing that the Koreans around me were completely unconcerned with the whole thing and probably thought I was drunk.

So the Redskins lost, North Korea has nuclear weapons, and George Bush is still the president. Sigh. I think I need some ice cream.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Fuck me runnnin'.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Five down, Four to go.

For the first time since I've been working in Korea, national holidays have conspired to give me a decent holiday mid-way through a semester. The confluence of Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) and another national holiday, Gae Cheon Jeol (no idea what it is) allowed for a full nine day vacation. It's a beautiful thing.

The time has been very pleasant so far. Friday night, a number of us went out with our Governement students to celebrate the final class of the first session. This was a pleasant night marred only by one of Ian's students constantly giving the teachers shit about their poor Korean skills (Of course, all this was being said in Korean).
The more he drank, the more vociferous and obnoxious he got until, finally, the other students were telling him to shut up and apologizing to us for his behavior. The only people I ever really have trouble with here (other than the foreigners, lol) are these older, drunken ahjashi's who constantly feel like they have an obligation to Korean manhood to get up in your face. All this attitude would be more effective if these guys weren't stumbling all over themselves and puking on their shoes.

Saturday night, we had a low-key but very drunken bachelor party for a couple of co-workers who are getting married in the near future. The most amusing of the two was Dan Bush. Now Dan is a wonderful guy; quiet, polite, and generally an all around good dude. Dan also isn't much of a drinker. However, he did manage to put down half a bottle of Glenfiddich in about an hour. Needless to say, Dan ended up literally in the bag.

The best part of the week so far has to be having Monday off and being able to stay up to watch the football games. Ian, Chip, and Greg came over to the house around 2 am Monday to watch the games. Chip found this great website:, which provides live TV from the States in real time. What does this mean? It means live football in English, baby!!! All of us were pretty excited about the prospect of watching the games and managed to stay awake for the Ravens/Chargers game (this is the first football party I've ever been to where COFFEE was the drink of choice). However, by the middle of the first quarter of the second game; Raiders/Browns (the unfortunate part of the TV site is that the stations are all out of San Francisco, so you get stuck with the Raiders), all of us were nodding off. Once everyone had gone home, I curled up on the couch with the game on and immediately fell asleep.

I did wake up in time to watch the Redskins' final play of their game against Jacksonville. It's a wonderful way to start your day; watching Santana Moss catch a perfect pass from Mark Brunell, juke a defender out of his shorts, and run 68 yards for a touchdown to win in overtime. Needless to say, I was a happy camper.

After the Skins game, I got up, took a shower, made myself some breakfast, and sat down to watch the Seattle/Chicago game. God I love football!! All this took place Monday morning. Tuesday morning, I got up and went to Santa's to watch the Monday Night game between the Eagles and Green Bay. You have to understand, that for a football starved ex-pat, this was a phenomenal weekend: four games in three days on TV well, the computer. lol). I LOVE technology!

Anyway, the rest of the week is going to consist of a whole lot of nothing. I'll probably hang out at the house, playing video games, reading, riding the exercise bike I bought, sipping on a couple of cold ones, and basically enjoying the hell out of life.