Monday, March 24, 2008

Not smoking and other weird stuff...

Before I get to the main reason for writing this post, I just want to point out something that is REALLY messed up: folks that have to die in the US armed forces before they can become citizens. At least have the decency to make these folks citizens when they VOLUNTEER for the US Armed Forces. Maybe there's less paperwork if you kill 'em first and THEN make them citizens. Sheesh!

Anyway, not smoking is weird. It's simply a bizarre way to go about things. While I'm certain that my body is going through a certain amount of physical distress as it weens itself from the nicotine that has been present in massive quantities for the past 14 years. However, that's not the strange thing. I can honestly say I don't CRAVE a cigarette. The thing is, I have no idea what to do with my hands. I'm so used to having a smoke attached to my fingers that now I feel as if something's peculiar; out of whack as it were. It's especially strange in the morning. My normal routine was to stumble out of bed, put on the coffee, turn on the computer and light up a smoke. I never really liked that first smoke, but ya gotta have it at some point so might as well get it done early. Now, I get up, put on the coffee, turn on the computer and...and...kind of spaz out for a moment. If I'm not typing or eating, I find myself clutching my fingers to keep them still. If I don't do that, I end up drumming on stuff.

There are other weird, "my routine is f**ked up" moments throughout the day. The 15 minute break between classes that ALWAYS included a smoke or two. The "hell, I've got nothing better to do, might as well have a smoke" moments, that could happen at any time (usually when my fingers began to twitch). Weird, strange, bizarre, yep.

Well, as they say: that which doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. Or maybe it should be that which hasn't killed you yet, possibly won't kill you now? Who knows? Will it last? Yes, I think so. I'm not ruling out the odd smoke here and there, but I'm certain that I'll never get back to the 2 + packs a day I was smoking before.

I'm simply ready for the change.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I love my life!!

I want to stop smoking. A difficult task at any time, right?

I'm drunk off my ass. The first thing I do when I stumble out of a bar is buy smokes and beer. I got home with beer, HEEHEEHEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

No smokes


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Song Of The Day: Juluka - African Sky Blue

I love Johnny Clegg for many reasons, but first and foremost is the visual nature of his lyrics and music. While he sings often of the troubles of the African continent, South Africa in particular, his songs always have an undercurrent of hope, perseverance and humanity. Simply brilliant!


African sky blue, your children wait for the dawn
African sky blue, soon a new day will be born
African sky blue
African sky blue, will you bless my life?
African sunshine, soon you will warm your children's eyes
The African river water will dance and leap in your morning light
African sunshine
African sunshine, will you bless my life?

Oh will you bless my life? (3x)

What can I know?
What can I dream?
What can I hope?
What will the future bring?
You shine through me, but will you see me through?
African sky blue

African thunderstorm, your soldiers march through the air
The African rain will fall and wash away all my tears
African falling rain
African falling rain, will you bless my life?
Oh will you bless my life? (3x)

The warrior's now a worker and his war is underground
With cordite in the darkness he milks the bleeding veins of gold
When the smoking rockface murmurs, he always thinks of you
African sky blue, will you see him through?

Hum-oh-hum (repeat)

Three years of blogging and counting!

It's hard to believe that I've had this thing going for three years, but there it is.

As I look towards another year in paradise (?), I find there are a number of uncertainties to be faced: My job situation (whether I'll be back at CNU next year or not), my housing situation, which may become part of my employment situation, and my Korea situation, which will be decided by the other two. In the meantime, a new semester has started (I survived the first week!), and I'll just have to be patient and do what I do.

At first glance, my classes, especially my institute classes, look like they should be pretty good. The institute classes are confident and very chatty, which at 7 and 8 am, makes things far easier for me. There's nothing more difficult than getting bleary-eyed, groggy students to talk at that time in the morning when they lack confidence in their ability (I always supply coffee and tea for my students. Anything to kick-start the process. lol). My freshmen are typical first semester, I-can't-find-my-ass-with-both-hands, beginners who look like they're wondering what the Hell they've gotten themselves into. At least they laughed at my jokes!

As always, music will be the key to my survival. Here's the list for today:

1. The Romantics - Do Me Anyway You Wanna

2. King Diamond - The Puppet Master

3. Johnny Cash - Daddy Was A Bass Singer w/ June Carter

4. The Pietasters - Movin' On Up

5. Ozric Tentacles - Pyoing

6. Deep Purple - The Battle Rages On

7. Stiff Little Fingers - Running Bear

8. Frank Zappa - The Black Page (New Age Version)

9. Mojo Nixon - Burgers Of Wrath

10. Grateful Dead - Me & My Uncle (Live)

11. Camel - Rhayader Goes To Town (Live)

12. The Fixx - Treasure It

13. The Exponents - Sink Like A Stone

14. Warrant - Cherry Pie

15. Descendents - Everything Sux

16. Bad Religion - The State Of The End Of The Millenium Address

17. Jackyl - We're An American Band

18. Violent Femmes - Prove My Love

19. Rush - Way The Wind Blows

20. The Seldom Scene - Rider

21. Rotting Christ - Where Mortals Have No Pride

22. Johnny Cash - Ring Of Fire w/ Bob Dylan

23. Bill Nelson - First Boy On The Moon

24. The Clash - Spanish Bombs

25. Violent Femmes - America Is

26. Eddie Money - Take A Little Bit

27. George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Greedy Man

28. Guadalcanal Diary - Home (Joe Blaney Mix)

29. Judas Priest - Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)

30. Frank Zappa - Little Umbrellas