Thursday, September 21, 2006

The CLEC Office Has Their Heads Up Their Ass & I Need A Beer Mix

1. The Stranglers - 5 Minutes (Live)
2. Little Feat - Strawberry Flats
3. Barenaked Ladies - Off The Hook
4. Albert Collins, Robert Cray & John Copeland - Blackjack
5. Foreigner - I Keep Hoping
6. Johnny Cash - Feild Of Diamonds
7. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Wet Stand
8. Golden Earring - The Wall Of Dolls
9. The Beatles - From Me To You
10. Dixie Dregs - Divided We Stand
11. Rush - Closer To The Heart (Live)
12. Collective Soul - Sister Don't Cry
13. The Cure - Play For Today (Live)
14. Rob Zombie - The Devil's Rejects
15. Kitaro - Straight Away To Orion
16. Drivin'N'Cryin' - Rush Hour
17. Wynton Marsalis - Stardust
18. Black Sabbath - Swinging The Chain
19. David Bowie - Weeping Wall
20. Ten Years After - Warm Sun
21. Exodus - 44 Magnum Opus
22. Gary Moore - How Many Lies
23. Jerry's Kids - No Time
24. Sonny Rollins - Time On My Hands
25. Gerry Mulligan - Sunday
26. Pink Floyd - Fearless
27. The Wailers - Pass It On
28. King Crimson - Radio I
29. Peter Gabriel - Kiss That Frog
30. Frank Zappa - Pink Napkins

Monday, September 18, 2006

Man. The Redskins Su...someday might win a game.

Well, let's see. They played a semi-bad team last week and lost. They played a good team this week...and lost. They play the Texans next week, and if they lose that game, I'm throwing myself out the window.

Hmm. The Redskins offense. Eh? What was that? Oh yeah. What offense? The Defense? You mean there was a defense on the field? The only bright spot in the whole damn game was the 100 yard return by Rock Cartwright. Let's throw in the 117 yards worth of penalties the Redskins commited and guess what? 27-10 Dallas. phffffbbbbt!!

How come it is that whenever I get to watch a game live, the Redskins stink up the field? Last year, the one game I got to watch, the Redskins got creamed by the Giants 35-0.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Football season has begun!

You just gotta love football! You especially gotta love football live on TV in ENGLISH!!! Thanks to one of my co-workers (Chip, you rock!!), I found a website that allows me to watch the NFL games live on the computer, and it's FREE!! So far this week, I've been able to watch Pittsburgh/Miami, Indianapolis/New York Giants, and the San Diego/Oakland games. You just don't know how cool this is for me. Of course, I didn't get to watch the Redskins game because I had classes the entire time (sigh), but football is football.

Alas, the Redskins lost their opener to the Vikings, 19-16. By all accounts it was a fairly dismal showing by the Skins and, if you were to believe the WaPo sports writers, the beginning of a long road into hell. I refuse to lose faith. Granted, it was a big day: Monday Night Football at home against a pretty bad team. However, it's only the first game of a long season. BRING ON DALLAS!!!

In better news, my fantasy football team won it's opener despite a game day decision that left one of my players off the field. I have a league title to defend, so this was a good start.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Some people actually get the hint

One of the things about Korea is that if Koreans know who you are they are the most polite folks in the world. If they don't know're fucked. However, every now and then, people here get the hint.

I came out of Santa Claus tonight and there were no taxis. This is not THAT unusual on a Friday night. You have to wait a bit but sooner or later a cab shows up.

When I came out of , there were two foreign women , a Korean couple, and myself in line for cabs. The foreigners got a cab and left the rest of us waiting. In typical fashion, a large group of Korean guys came up and proceeded to try and waylay the first cab that came along. There are two things going on tonight that are mitigating factors in what happened next: a) I'm drunk as stink, b) I have a sense of fairness that I think surprised the group I confronted.

First cab that came along, these guys tried to get it. Me, I yelled at them and said, "HEY! These two are first, I'm second, YOU are third!" Needless to say, the Korean couple ahead of me was a bit stunned that I got them a cab, but, kudos to them, they didn't hesitate a second when I said go. The other guys, one of which made a feeble attempt to get in my face, walked up the street in order to head off the first cabs that came along.

The cool thing that happened is that the guys went up the block, found the first cab, and sent it to pick me up. They cheered asI went by. You have to understand Korean culture to understand how cool this was. The real winner was the cab driver. The ride from Santa's to my house is NOT a cabbies dream. They make no money on these runs. I tipped the guy double the fare simply because te other Korean guys that I had yelled at did the right thing.